Weekend yeay!

So I might have to denounce my handywoman title. I just had an electrician here to help me out with the light for the livingroom ceiling. Took him two minutes…

I just don’t like electricity! But I asked him some basic question (my teacher in theoretical electronics would tear his hair). Now I know exactly how to do it (again).

Starting the weekend with some crazy flowers.


Handywoman part II

Back at school, yeay! Maybe more yeay for me than for V. But he is very proud when I pick him up. Mom – I go to school. Big smile.

Summer has come and it is absolutely amazing. The house is warm in the morning and you don’t have to sit with you outdoor jacket at the dinner table.

We have more or less unpacked everything. TV is installed, Internet up and running and tomorrow the electrician comes to fix the last light. I’m spending my afternoon at the hardware store on 4th. They must think I’m hitting on someone. Everyday I come with my phone to show them pictures of what I need. As I don’t know the names.

Today I got this, can you guess what it is?



I’m a handywoman!
I put up our TV on the wall, and may I also add – in the most effective way possible. I took tape and made a fake TV on the wall so I could see exactly what it would look like.

Then I drilled six perfect holes into the hard concrete wall…perfection is my middle name!

And the result, well perfect of course!

I also bought a 3m ladder and a lawnmower…macho


So when am I supposed to have time to write? This is crazy! This is the first moment I have since we came down (more or less), and now I have no clue what to write about.

We are settling in really good, totally in love with the new house. I had no idea a house could change your mood. I just feel much happier in general, so does F. Never ever will I underestimate a well planed house.

We went to Pretoria yday to vote. Discussing different options in the car on the way. It was hard this time, I tried to read up and watch the debates on SVT PLAY but I’m not convinced. The only thing I was convinced of was that I had to vote.

Well let the best man/woman win…

Back again

20140828-231205-83525976.jpgSorry, my blog has been down for a while, missed a payment. But I have been on vacation so it doesn’t matter right?

Had a great vacation in Sweden. Truly amazing, I absolutely love coming back seeing my tribe. Well it is my tribe, my family. I feel a very strong connection, always have. When I see my mom, dad and sister, I can’t help it, I totally understand why I am who I am…I love it.

This is a short video of how the summer in Fkil was.

Sweden here we come…

So I couldn’t write anything about my swede trip as it was a surprise for my mom. But now, we are finally here. The flying circus has landed…

Traveling with two kids, two boys…well let’s just say it is not super easy. I’ll tell u all about it in another post

After 14 hours we touched Swedish soil, Andrea for the first time in his life. Felt very special. Now we are settling slowly. Vittorio went to bed 8:30 even though the sun was still shining. Andrea was out at 7. We all woke up at 5:30 this morning by Vittorio who was looking for his dinosaur.

Today we spent the day at the beach. So missing F, he would have loved it. Just crossing fingers that the weather will stay for a bit longer.


Dark in the parks

This is another thing you get used to living in SA, power outages. Been gone since 4pm and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon. Not only is the house freezing, it is going to be the coldest night in the parks they say. I’m not looking forward to this night.

Funny actually, every evening when I go to bed I have one little thing I really look forward to. My electrical blanket. I dare say, I tend to go to bed earlier just because I know how nice it is to lye there and snuggle. Well tonight no blanket and a alarm beeping every 5 second telling me it has run out of power. Thanks I could have guessed that.

Let’s just hope the power is back on tomorrow morning. Pleeeeeas!

Please be careful!

So suddenly it happens, the thing you dread the most. Your child has put his life in danger. Five seconds and the world turns. Five seconds and he is right in front of you but you don’t get it until it is too late.

V managed to crawl under a bench in our back garden. He found a bottle with some kind of transparent liquid and put it to his mouth and drank. The panic I felt, seeing my child coughing and crying holding this bottle in his hand. I had never seen the bottle before, I had no clue what was in it.

My head went blank, what do I do? Do I throw him into the car and drive as fast as I can or do I call someone? How much time do I have? I looked at him, trying to see what my options were. I took the bottle, read the label and smelled the liquid. I tried to make him vomit (which is the last thing you should do). I gave him milk, I don’t know why, it felt right at the time. By the time I got through to the emergency service, V had calmed down and looked quite ok. A bit shaken, but ok.

After discussing with emergency, my paediatrician, my GP, poison centre, the hospital, I decided to take him to the emergency room just in case. Even though he looked and acted  fine, I wanted to be sure. After 20 min we got to see a doctor and she did all the checks. He stayed for observation another hour and then we were ok to go. I felt completely safe when I took him home.

This was a wake up call, I still have some electrical sockets that are not plugged even though Andrea crawls and his finger fits perfectly. I have some washing stuff under the sink in the kitchen, thinking V is too old to do anything stupid. HOW WRONG I WAS. He is 2,5 years – everything is an adventure, everything is interesting.

Today I did a full security inspection of the house. I see this as a warning and I hope you do too…

Good to know

The poison centre SA: 0216895227


  • Do not give an unconscious person anything by mouth.
  • Do not induce vomiting unless you are told to do so by the Poison Control Center or a doctor. A strong poison that burns on the way down the throat will also do damage on the way back up.
  • Do not try to neutralize the poison with lemon juice or vinegar, or any other substance, unless you are told to do so by the Poison Control Center or a doctor.
  • Do not use any “cure-all” type antidote.
  • Do not wait for symptoms to develop if you suspect that someone has been poisoned.

more info