What the…

Well the first day of travel was super easy. Guys were singing in the back, mood was great everything just went like clock work. We even managed to follow the GPS which is amazing as we (unfortunately both Fabio and I) always thinks the GPS is wrong and we can outsmart it…

The second day was…well not so pleasant. We managed to get out of Como and started driving towards Milan. We missed an exit due to Vittorio who said that he felt sick. This often means vomit. We desperately felt we needed to go back even though the GPS told us it was impossible. We tried anyway and got stuck between 50 trucks on their way to some construction. There were a lot of bad words (Italian, Swedish and English) in the car. 

By some miracle we managed to get back on the highway and on the right route…seriously by a complete miracle. Maybe because we didn’t try to outsmart the GPS. Suddenly I hear – mommy I’m sick. I manage to throw myself back and catch the disaster in a plastic bag. 

1-0 mommy!

For the next 2 hours Andrea is angry, nothing seems to calm this sweet baby down. I manage to find some old gummy bears that I give him in small small pieces (so they last) Bingo! 

2-0 mommy!

We get closer but the highway is a complete nightmare the exits come fast and we are always in the wrong lane. I’m sitting like a co pilot – next curve 90 degrees exit 15 on your right in 10, 9, 8, 7… We are completely exhausted when we arrive in Lerici. Now we only need to find our BnB. The road gets narrow and very curvy…and once again I throw myself in the back seat and manage to catch the second disaster. During the entire climb, my legs and butt are in the front seat and the rest of the body is lying in the back seat a bit squashed and in a weird angle. I only hear Fabio curse and the car goes from left to right then a full brake, speeding, brake, right, left…good to know I also get car sick. But because I had a task (no vomit in my new car). I didn’t feel a thing. 

3-0 mommy!

Both F and I just felt happy to be alive when we finally reached the BnB. 

We had an amazing dinner with Matteo and Silvia (kids slept through), loud discussions and a lot of laughter, amazing food and wine. Italy in all it’s beauty. I love this country! 


…to our boys having a conversation in the other room. Vittorio is showing Andrea something, I think it is his red helicopter. I’m just happy I’m getting two more min in bed.  

Andrea is not happy, saying noooo nooooo noooo. His new words. I googled on his age (18 months) and apparently this is when it all starts….the terrible two. His own will, more teeth, nightly terror (has already started). Hilarious that you tend to forget how it was. I mean, we have gone through this before but now I just remember how easy V was. 


Which was obviously not the case. Well good morning from Como, it is 06:04 (much better than 05:40) we are watching Italian kiddies TV. Getting another 20 min in bed. Breakfast will be served in 2h… 

Italy…easy peasy

Well it felt so easy to decide to go Italy over easter. Book a BnB (on AirBnB) pack some bags and go. Three hours later we are in Como. Well there was some crazy traffic on the way and we started the journey with a snow storm. But after a couple of tunnels the sun came out…   


We found the cutest BnB in Como. After an italien dinner (a lot of mozarella) it’s time for bed.  



I miss my hammer


Waiting for our furniture, we decided to buy some basic stuff from IKEA so we can get out of our apartment hotel.
I’m quite proud of my check list, so far I have put together; four wardrobes, six chairs, one table, two beds + headboard and one kitchen unit (for kids). I didn’t even have a hammer, used a stone from the garden. All this together with a 1,5 year old who wants to help out…



I equipped the family with skis today. The feeling of having your own skis again…its awesome!

Four long years without snow. The only thing that I was truly sad missing is SA.

When I remember my childhood there were long, warm and light summers and cold, dark, magical winters.
Christmas includes snow, red noses, cold fingers, dark mornings and evenings. I am so looking forward spending Christmas here. A full day in the pist coming home and walking around all fresh and exhausted in your thermo underwear drinking hot chocolate and resting in front of the fire place.

Everyone here talks about spring. I pray for the longest winter Wildhaus has ever seen. I want to ski in Mai!

View from our dining room

Found this on Vittorio’s ski pants

Mountain Angel with a soft heart…

We decided to take our car and drive up to a small mountain lake. When we passed the sign saying “snow chains required” we didn’t give it a second thought. We drove on and everything went fine until we had to stop to let a passing car through. We stopped and when we tried to start again we ended up in a snowdrift standing diagonal across the road. No one could pass and we couldn’t move.

The man in the other car looked like a mountain Hells Angel. When he stepped out of the car we prepared getting yelled at for taking two innocent kids out in a poorly equipped car and ignoring every sign since the last 10 minutes. And all in Schweizerdeutsch . At least an “amateur” through gritted teeth.

Nothing, he was the friendlies guy!
He looked at the car and said “ein moment” and then he took his car and drove back the way he came. Five min later he came back with a bucket of sand. For at least 20 min we tried everything and eventually he got the car straight and backed it down to better, not so steep grounds. I drove his car (awesome 4×4 Russian Lada). While I followed him, I suddenly felt I wasn’t alone in the car. I checked the backseat and found a Chihuahua and a Jack Russell. An mountain angel with a soft heart for small dogs.

I gave him a big hug and told him I wanted his car. We spoke English the whole time and he spoke Schweizerdeutsch, and yet we understood one another in some miraculous way.

Lesson learned – always have a shovel in the car. Always warm clothes (which we had) and always always always respect the signs…


After that adventure we went to Lischtenstein and took a walk up to the castle.







The adventure continues.
Yesterday was amazing, we woke up to sunshine. The mountains showed off, white snowy tops agains a crisp blue sky.

We went to Vittorio’s school and handed in his paper, he is starting on tuesday next week with Mrs Holmström. And yepp she is Swedish. Oh and the the headmistress lived in Joburg for a while…(signes)

Then we went to Gams to try out the local pizzerias. We already tried pizzeria Zorro so it was time for nr two (forgot the name). We took a long walk around the little town and every where we looked was just mountains and beautiful hills. Wow!

Today it’s raining again. The city/town looks like any other boring grey town. But the fact that I know what is behind the clouds makes it different. And rain in the valley means snow on the top!

We went to Andrea’s kindergarten and were impressed by the organisation and the layout. What a beautiful building (made by Hilty of course). Hopefully he starts next week. Fabio’s office is 200 meter away so I know who will do the drop off.

Then we went to the Rathaus and got instructions on what colour our dustbins must be in (orange) and that we must put our name on the door. Organisation organisation organisation.

Now we just came home from Vittorio’s school and I have been invited to my first Swiss baby shower yeay!

Yesterday’s weather






Day 1

Gabi on 12th has become Gabi in the Alps. On Tuesday we left our dear beloved Joburg and our friends for a new adventure.

I wish I could tell you what this new place is all about, but I still have no
clue…I know skiing is a big thing ;)

I give you three observations from yesterday.

1. People are very friendly! The girl who works in the restaurant really tried to give us instructions in English and all with a smile on her face. Then I asked for a decaf Cappuccino and got warm milk…I thought that was quite sweet and logic.

2. We walked from our house (where we don’t live yet) up to the local pizzeria. V was very fascinated of the snow and told me it was like ice lollies, he ran out on a muddy field to make hand prints in the snow. We all went with him to experience it together. We all stood in the middle of a muddy (super muddy) field looking at a small patch of white brown snow. I wonder what our neighbours were thinking.

3. Walking up to the local pizzeria, we past the barn (!), and said hello to the two small cows and the sheep.

Wish us good luck today!


I just had to…

I live in two realities

Reality 1.

I woke up this morning, the sky was clear blue and the air was full of buzzing insects. I took Vittorio to School 200m from our house. We walked in the sunshine, 14th street down, 5th avenue and then 15th street. After leaving Vittorio, I picked up the dogs and drove to Delta Park. Good music in my ears, I decided to sing out loud while I was running along the spruit. Max and Svea ran all over the place, so happy to be out and about. After the run, I went back home through Craighall park, Hamilton Road and then first avenue, then 15th street. When Im in the shower I get two watsapp messages they say…

Reality 2.

Message: Suspicious vehicle old Toyota. We went for a run this morning around 8:30 (in parkhurst) and this vehicle pulled up close by us. Single b male was very intimidating. Last seen at verity park in Parkhurst 

(At 7:45 I walked with my son and more or less passed Verity Park…)

Next message

Att hijacking at 133 15th Street Parkhurst, 3bm, 2 confirmed armed with firearms in a white vehicle unknown make and reg, nothing taken, no injuries. No further info

(At 8:45 I drove passed 133 15th Street with my car after the run in Delta park)

These messages are from the from neighbours watch list. They send out things that happen in the area so you can keep an eye out. I didn’t reflect on the messages more than ok- I’ll keep an eye out.

It sometimes feel like I live in a bubble. All these thing happens around me and all I see are blue skies and buzzing insects. I know I take precautions and I always have an eye on my surroundings. If I feel something might not be right, I don’t hesitate. Even now while writing this post, I double checked that the garage door was locked. If I see a suspicious car outside my driveway, I pass and I call the security (happened this weekend). 9/10 its nothing but I never never never take the risk.

I hesitated to write this post, but this is my reality and this blog is about me. Lately I have had no motivation to write, partly because I want to write about my reality. Not about being a mom, being an expat, house wife. I want to write about my reality and I just can’t. I can’t because it is sometimes tough and very different from Sweden. I know crime exists in Sweden but I think you know what I mean. I can’t write about it because I don’t want to worry anyone especially my family. And this is putting a wet cloth over my motivation.

So I had to write this short post, I just had to. Its not much but it made me a bit happier. And from now on I will try to add a small taste of Joburg reality, an not only the good stuff. I love Joburg to bits and I will keep writing about its amazing entrepreneurial spirit, its pulse and the PEOPLE. But I will also add a small part that stings because that is my reality, something I live with 24/7.