X-mas in April

A new addition to the family. Think pink. I’m am one of those crazy gals who thinks pink and orange is a great match (my oh my). With this bracelet I felt like blue. Nice contrast. And of course boyfriend jeans and converse…can I still wear that when I’m 50? I kind if love it.

And why not go all the way and add crazy sunnies. I look like a walking x-mas decoration. I can’t be beige all the time. Now off to fetch V from school. Ciao


Three apples

…where going bad so I pealed them and made purée for Andrea. Two days ago I took away the bottle for V and now he is eating properly (late I know). But still. This morning despite head ache and waking up. I took the dogs for a run. After a while I though f**k this I’m letting them of the leech. So I ran with two small daxies. I think Max was just as proud as I was. Svea just tried to keep up. Back home, quick shower, preparing bag for V and changing Andrea. F took v to football and I went for a walk with A. Bought 2 cappuccinos on my way back. Back home Andrea still didn’t want to sleep so I put him on my back while I cleaned in the kitchen. Now he is asleep, kitchen is clean, I have done my workout, dogs are puffing in the sun, content…I just have to remind myself that I’m actually pretty ok as a mom, wife and dog mom. That’s it!


It is not ok

To have a head ache when your son wakes up at 5. I became a dragon, fume came out of my ears. On cup of tea later my head ache is slowly letting go. At the moment V is entertaining Andrea with his new toy. A tractor that sings O McDonald had a farm…worst song ever. Thank you aunti K!

I guess the banana bread makes it even steven.
God I’m tired. These 5:00 mornings (every morning) kills me.


Easter, now?

Time flies…it’s Easter and baba A is 6 months.

Easter is a nice holiday but I need to take traditions more seriously. It’s
like I’m waiting for my mom to come and do everything for me. The food, decorations, Easter egg hunt…I have to start my own traditions. This x-mas was much better than the last one. I had a tree (plastic – never a gain), good food (forgot the beer though), decoration …even an advent calendar. So I’m not going to let Easter down. Starting today with the proper flowers and…South Africa’s answer to egg hunting. Glow in the dark eggs – V will love it.

Running, driving, working, loving

Loooong day…maybe that is why i look so angry. Spending the whole morning in my car…not fun. I managed to squeeze in a run with the dogs this morning. I races Svea up the hill – she won. She looks like Dumbo with those giant ears flapping.

But I should be glad – managed to do a lot of things today. Many checks. But no bracelets. I went and bought new material. Quite a few people like my new bracelet so I want make sure I have enough material. (Hurry hurry :) )

While V was sleeping it was admin time …unfortunately Andrea wanted to join. So we made the first invoice together.


I love that little dude…he is full of sunshine. I can just smell his little head and my heart burst. His eyes, feet, tummy…ga…didn’t know I had that much love.

I give myself time

I have focused on making bracelets…unfortunately this has drained my energy to blog. Every time I get an idea for a blog post, I put it aside for later. And later never happens in the blog world. Either you write the post right away or you don’t.

So I’m sorry for all the boring posts about kids and sickness…I just don’t have interesting things to write about right now….except…I just designed a new bracelet. Simplicity. I love it. It is so clean and beautiful. And it gave me inspiration for another 2-3 different bracelets. I love when that happens. The only way I can get new ideas is to “live” with my bracelets. I sit with all my material around me and I look, touch and feel. I do ugly stuff and complicated stuff. I give myself time. I wait for the idea to come to me. I can feel in my fingers when I’m on to something. Then suddenly it just hits me…the easiest solution. I really love this new bracelet. Hope you love it too.





Wish I had…

This outfit…

Ox Red is just such a cool colour. It is absolutely stunning, proper (like black) but more edgy. That’s why (did u guess)…my bracelet would work sooo well with this look. (Haha)


And this denim boyfriend look and white shirt – killer! But she is missing my bracelet …of course.
And last but not least (my love T-shirts)

…want this! Yepp