So far…

So far this vacation as been amazing. Lots of wine, good food, friendship and laughter. Beautiful wine farms, sweet penguins and bush bunnies. Vs first egg hunt and A’s first toe dipping in the Indian Ocean. We have managed to find a good mix of kid friendly places with gourmet food (like Warwick). The road trips have been mostly pleasant. Time to talk about life and what is important while both boys are sleeping. Well sometimes it’s been less pleasant, two boys screaming their heads off while I’m counting to ten and Fabio is trying to enjoy the beautiful sunset over the vines.
The most important thing is that we have been together. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. New routines more or less successful, like putting V to bed at 23:00 and feeding A crackers in the car.
This day started at 7am (as V went to bed at 23) I gave V crackers and juice (new routine) and A got a green box. Now of to the aquarium.


The hardest part.

When your on vacation you tend not to go to as at 21:00, you tend to drink a lot of wine and you tend to let your kids stay up a bit longer. So why oh why does my son wake up at 5:00 every bloody f***ing morning…this is going to kill me. At the moment I’m dead tired with a wine headache trying to find things to do to occupy my kids, waiting for the sun to rise…
All of u out there, who have kids who sleeps until 07:00 or even later…please remember that you are lucky!!!!! Lucky lucky lucky!!!


X-mas in April

A new addition to the family. Think pink. I’m am one of those crazy gals who thinks pink and orange is a great match (my oh my). With this bracelet I felt like blue. Nice contrast. And of course boyfriend jeans and converse…can I still wear that when I’m 50? I kind if love it.

And why not go all the way and add crazy sunnies. I look like a walking x-mas decoration. I can’t be beige all the time. Now off to fetch V from school. Ciao


Three apples

…where going bad so I pealed them and made purée for Andrea. Two days ago I took away the bottle for V and now he is eating properly (late I know). But still. This morning despite head ache and waking up. I took the dogs for a run. After a while I though f**k this I’m letting them of the leech. So I ran with two small daxies. I think Max was just as proud as I was. Svea just tried to keep up. Back home, quick shower, preparing bag for V and changing Andrea. F took v to football and I went for a walk with A. Bought 2 cappuccinos on my way back. Back home Andrea still didn’t want to sleep so I put him on my back while I cleaned in the kitchen. Now he is asleep, kitchen is clean, I have done my workout, dogs are puffing in the sun, content…I just have to remind myself that I’m actually pretty ok as a mom, wife and dog mom. That’s it!


It is not ok

To have a head ache when your son wakes up at 5. I became a dragon, fume came out of my ears. On cup of tea later my head ache is slowly letting go. At the moment V is entertaining Andrea with his new toy. A tractor that sings O McDonald had a farm…worst song ever. Thank you aunti K!

I guess the banana bread makes it even steven.
God I’m tired. These 5:00 mornings (every morning) kills me.