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So the the 2016 Autumn Winter Fashion shows are about to start. Soon social media will explode with beautiful pictures from various runways. The Stockholm (!) fashion week (three days) just ended and here are some of my favourites. Oh and NO, I was not on front row…I’m in Buchs – the Swiss fashion designers dream when it comes to new trends. We will come to that later.

Back to Stockholm.

My mother (who loves fashion) had a couple of BUSNEL items when I was young. When we (me and my sis) were teens we fought over the super tight pullover and the little vest. The Busnel jacket feels like Sweden to me. Very classic (nearly boring) but the quality is to die for. You can hand it down from grandmother to mother to daughter…

But these are everything but boring…

Busnel Cape

Busnel Coat

WFSS – Winter Fall Spring Summer

This is not the first time I’ve seen moroccan shoes. It seems to be a trend …maybe I shouldn’t have thrown my yellow ones away … no, that was the right decision.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.34.34 PM


Three sister that create magic.  I see a lot of different fabrics/mixes, I like it!  The skirts are gorgeous and the dress is oversize. I like the wide sleeves…oh and the shoes!



I want a black leather skirt…




Ida Klamborn

IDA SJÖSTEDT – just one word – WOW!

If my husband wants to marry me again I know what to wear.

Ida Sjostedt

Ida sjostedt

Ida SjostedtIda SjostedtIda Sjostedt

That is all for today!


Gabi On 12th

2016 – fresh start!

Well well well…it was not yesterday that for sure.

I have decided that my blog will change direction. From being a family blog to a more business orientated one. What does that mean?Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.24.47 PM

In october 2015, I decided I wanted to take Gabi On 12th to the next level.

My vision with Gabi On 12th is to celebrate Africa by empowering single mothers – creating jobs, encouraging ideas and enabling them to provide for their children and families.

Not only will the bracelet be made by women in South Africa, but part of the profit will go back to these women.

I want you not only to feel special when you wear your bracelet, but also know that you have helped someone, made a difference. Do you want to help me make a difference?

I’ll keep you updated!



What the…

Well the first day of travel was super easy. Guys were singing in the back, mood was great everything just went like clock work. We even managed to follow the GPS which is amazing as we (unfortunately both Fabio and I) always thinks the GPS is wrong and we can outsmart it…

The second day was…well not so pleasant. We managed to get out of Como and started driving towards Milan. We missed an exit due to Vittorio who said that he felt sick. This often means vomit. We desperately felt we needed to go back even though the GPS told us it was impossible. We tried anyway and got stuck between 50 trucks on their way to some construction. There were a lot of bad words (Italian, Swedish and English) in the car. 

By some miracle we managed to get back on the highway and on the right route…seriously by a complete miracle. Maybe because we didn’t try to outsmart the GPS. Suddenly I hear – mommy I’m sick. I manage to throw myself back and catch the disaster in a plastic bag. 

1-0 mommy!

For the next 2 hours Andrea is angry, nothing seems to calm this sweet baby down. I manage to find some old gummy bears that I give him in small small pieces (so they last) Bingo! 

2-0 mommy!

We get closer but the highway is a complete nightmare the exits come fast and we are always in the wrong lane. I’m sitting like a co pilot – next curve 90 degrees exit 15 on your right in 10, 9, 8, 7… We are completely exhausted when we arrive in Lerici. Now we only need to find our BnB. The road gets narrow and very curvy…and once again I throw myself in the back seat and manage to catch the second disaster. During the entire climb, my legs and butt are in the front seat and the rest of the body is lying in the back seat a bit squashed and in a weird angle. I only hear Fabio curse and the car goes from left to right then a full brake, speeding, brake, right, left…good to know I also get car sick. But because I had a task (no vomit in my new car). I didn’t feel a thing. 

3-0 mommy!

Both F and I just felt happy to be alive when we finally reached the BnB. 

We had an amazing dinner with Matteo and Silvia (kids slept through), loud discussions and a lot of laughter, amazing food and wine. Italy in all it’s beauty. I love this country! 


…to our boys having a conversation in the other room. Vittorio is showing Andrea something, I think it is his red helicopter. I’m just happy I’m getting two more min in bed.  

Andrea is not happy, saying noooo nooooo noooo. His new words. I googled on his age (18 months) and apparently this is when it all starts….the terrible two. His own will, more teeth, nightly terror (has already started). Hilarious that you tend to forget how it was. I mean, we have gone through this before but now I just remember how easy V was. 


Which was obviously not the case. Well good morning from Como, it is 06:04 (much better than 05:40) we are watching Italian kiddies TV. Getting another 20 min in bed. Breakfast will be served in 2h… 

Italy…easy peasy

Well it felt so easy to decide to go Italy over easter. Book a BnB (on AirBnB) pack some bags and go. Three hours later we are in Como. Well there was some crazy traffic on the way and we started the journey with a snow storm. But after a couple of tunnels the sun came out…   


We found the cutest BnB in Como. After an italien dinner (a lot of mozarella) it’s time for bed.  



I miss my hammer


Waiting for our furniture, we decided to buy some basic stuff from IKEA so we can get out of our apartment hotel.
I’m quite proud of my check list, so far I have put together; four wardrobes, six chairs, one table, two beds + headboard and one kitchen unit (for kids). I didn’t even have a hammer, used a stone from the garden. All this together with a 1,5 year old who wants to help out…