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Questions & Answers:

What is Gabi On 12th?
Gabi On 12th makes jewellery – mostly bracelets – and the ideas behind the bracelets are:

  • Color & Playfulness: The bracelets stand out. We like to think they are different, happy and colourful – pieces of Rainbow Nation around your wrists.
  • Style: With our concept “Mix & Match” you can easily pair the various styles of bracelets. They are easy to put on and take off.
  • Women Power: Women are amazing and strong. Women don’t start wars. We believe fighting for women’s rights lead to a brighter future for all – and particularly for our children. Our bracelets are produced by women-led micro businesses in Limpopo, South Africa.

Have you made a difference?

  • The bracelets are produced by women-led micro business in South Africa.
  • Part of the profit will be reinvested in these micro businesses.

T3000 ZAR (about 200 USD), that’s roughly the average salary for women who work in domestic services in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our goal for 2016 is to create jobs for at least five women – and offer a monthly income 2-3x of a domestic job. With that income, we make it possible for women to send their kids to school (tuition & transport), afford uniforms and school material.

Why should I buy Gabi On 12th bracelets?
Firstly, because you love the design and you feel beautiful when you wear them! Secondly, by doing so, you hopefully also inspire others to do the same – and together, we empower women. That’s an equation we believe in.

EMAIL US  if you have any further questions!

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  • Rainbow colours inspiration @stylesightworldwide
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  • So happy to be apart of this amazing journey. All our Cocktail bracelets, Buckles and Spikes are made by our team in South Africa. Dineo, Azwi and Mulayo are now working on new colours for the summer. Don’t miss out! Support these incredibly talented women. Buy a bracelet today ✨ #empowerwomen #madeinafrica #socialresponsability #bracelets #fashionaccessories
  • At this moment  Deno, Aswi and Mulayo are making a new batch of bracelets in Limpopo South Africa. Thanks to all of you who likes our bracelets. 💕 #empowerwomen #socialresponsability #madeinafrica
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