Amazing workshop in South Africa!

Just came back after a crazy week in South Africa. The main reason with this trip was to meet and workshop with Mulayo, Dineo & Azwi, who produces my bracelets.

It was exactly a year since I saw them last time and I was very nervous. Do they still want to work for me? Are we going to solve the quality issues we have been having? Will I find more problems?

Adding to that I’m five and a half month pregnant which has its ups and downs.

It was absolutely amazing!

I’m so impressed! In no time, we managed to connect and be open and honest with each other. Apparently they were just as nervous as I was. We used a new tool that I have fallen in love with called “Points of You”. Cards with pictures that we relate to when we discuss a certain subject. It really made a difference.

Azwi & Dineo talking about their cards.

We solved real problems, we made a plan for the next six months and we are working on the Gabi On 12th Mission and Vision Statements. I just wish I made this trip earlier, it would have made such a difference. But it is never too late.

As you see in the photos, a lot of laughter and fun mixed with real problem solving. During all my years as consultant I did not have a more fun and productive workshop.

Some photos (more to come)



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