Our weekend…

…was spent mostly outdoors. The ski season is soon over and it feels refreshing to switch from skis to bikes. Living in this part of the world also makes it quite easy to enjoy an easy afternoon bike ride with the kids.


Sunday was spent in the woods around Heidiland and the kids surprised us with walking 5km without dragging their feet. Maybe the “treasure map” for finding some Sunday sweets helped a bit…


Sunday afternoon was spent at home making some custom made Ibala bracelets. Having my mom here also inspired me to organise my gemstones…let say I made the bracelets and she organised my material.


…this gives me so many ideas for nice colour combinations. Just so you know, at no extra cost, you can choose your stones and I’ll make the bracelet. If you don’t know the name of the stone, you give me the colour combination you like and I’ll give you an example.


Let the week begin!




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