Maybe we should all sleep on the floor?

My son has been sleeping on the floor for two years. (Yes, I’m the mom of the year). I have had a problem buying a bed for him as we already have five beds and six mattresses in our family (!) But finally I came to a conclusion – my son needs a bed.

Maybe this is because both boys have left their sterile and unfriendly bedroom for a more cosy room – our bedroom. So for the last month our 190 cm bed has lodged the whole family. AND this works amazingly well. Both me and my husband manage to sleep the whole night with some exceptions. But it would be easier to have more than 30 cm to sleep on…

So me and my dad went to IKEA and bought a bed, a small bookshelf and two night lamps. I must add – my dad has an amazing patience. I changed my mind BIG time. We just got the final list of “bed pieces” and I suddenly wasn’t sure if that was the bed I wanted. Same with the bookshelf. Everything was packed and ready to pay….naaa, I think I want a different colour. My husband would NOT have been happy, but my dad has an amazing way of not getting annoyed about anything (except if I tell him how to drive).

So this evening I was determined – both boys will sleep in their own beds. And….it worked. HA!  I should have taken a picture before and after but now you just get an after picture. Not bad eh?








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