Small things matter

I have been at home for the last two days to take care of my oldest son who is sick. It is holiday so both boys are off school and now we are stuck at home.

Thirst thought – nightmare!

But it is the opposite. If you are stuck at home, there is not much you can do. So we make lunch together, play the “Bamse” game, build with lego and just hang out. As home is also my office, it is nice to have an excuse not to turn on the computer, and when he asks me to help out with the puzzle, I just let everything go and focus on him. Quite refreshing.

I generally think that I’m good at spending time with my boys, but I realise these last days that I’m not always 100% there. I’m always writing an email, thinking about ToDo’s or planing activities for the boys. But just letting everything go and sit in your pyjamas until bedtime, trying to find that special red lego piece. It is so relaxing…

The last month has been a bit tough. I am still struggling to find the right material and it knocks the energy out of me. How hard can it be?

I ask myself, is this really worth it? Is this going to work?

When I doubt and I can’t really see the “fun” anymore – that is when I get them. The small but o so important pushes. “I love your bracelets and the story behind them”. An order online with a sweet message. It means everything to me. You order my bracelets and you like my idea – WOW!

This gave me energy to – get back to my supplier contacts and do an excel sheet evaluating different options, check flights for SA, book a lunch next week, make a chicken pie with Vittorio, finding that red lego piece I have been looking for to complete the Star Wars space ship, play another game of Bamse and do hide and seek three times in a row pretending to not knowing where Andrea and Vittorio are hiding.

Thank you!





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