Behind the scenes…

Many have asked me – who takes your photos? I do. In the beginning, I worked hard to get that one perfect photo. You might remember the Stanley Smith campaign? That took me a week to pull together. After many trials and errors I have learned the following:

1. Never take a photo in the evening (working late) – as a mom I tend to get quit tired and I look even more tired in the evening ..No Sh*t. If you see a photo when my face is down or I have glasses on – well that is often shot in the evening.

2. Don’t correct anything. Don’t change anything except lightning and colours and cut away tables and marks on the walls. In the beginning I worked hard on the photos to make them look really good. As you all know, I’m a one man show and if this person decides to work on photos instead of selling bracelets well that wont work.

3. Have fun – if it is not fun you can see it on the photos right away. Be creative and don’t be afraid to look silly.

As this is the end of the year – I will give you the behind the scenes photos – the ones that didn’t make it..untouched. Don’t judge me too hard, have fun…


…does this look easy going?




…I look deep, serious and …like I just woke up


One of those tired days …so I decided to put on some glasses.



Who am I laughing at?????


I forgot to put something under…


…I can’t hear you


have fun, think outside the box but…noop not a good pose…


no comments..


Should I be scared of my bracelets?


Look at the light, look at the light, look at the light…yepp got it!




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