They need our help!

The most important goal of Gabi On 12th is to provide work and a stable income for singel mothers and women. Sometimes when I talk about my vision I say: I’m against charity in the sense that it takes away job opportunities.  People need to feel that they are needed, good at their job and a part of society. People need jobs not charity.

Everyday we get more news of the horrible situation i Aleppo. These men, women and children are off the grid. Their everyday life is not about finding a job, it is about surviving. I won’t preach about the terrors they go though, I’m just saying that if you can help in any small way, do that!

Gabi On 12th have decided to donate to Save the children, maybe you should too?

Use this link to donate – it is very easy!

 Add to this donation, 50% of everything you buy online, from Gabi On 12th, from now until 01.01.2017 will be donated to Save the Children.

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