Welcome Ibala

When I started making bracelets, I got my energy from learning how to make them. Spending hours in front of Youtube trying to get the threads to follow my clumsy fingers. As soon as I mastered a design, the colours were the next target. Mix and match, what worked and not. I have made MANY different designs. Some I put to sleep right away, some are snoosing and some made it to the end. I have three main models that I think has it all; The Cocktail, Buckle and Spikes. There is always room for improvement of course.

A model that has been snoosing for a while is IBALA. This is a completely new type of bracelet, but I believe it fits perfectly with my other models.

Welcome Ibala !




Ibala – Magic Autumn


Ibala – Storm Is Coming

The Ibala is made of different types of precious stones mixed with either 925 Sterling Silver Beads or 925 Sterling Silver Beads with plated 18K Gold. This is a tryout and therefor I am making them myself. The goal is of course to have them made in Limpopo, South Africa.


Ibala – Skyfall



Find the Full Collection here

It is pure joy working whit these beautiful stones. The different colour combinations make you want to have them all (at least I do). They make a perfect Christmas present. They are original and easy to combine with other jewellery.

I hope you like them!


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.56.01 PM


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