Run faster, push harder…

This was supposed to be a happy day. Coming back from a short holiday in Hong Kong, I would go down on my knees and catch my three-year-old running towards me with his small arms stretched. I would hear my oldest son scream MOM with a huge smile on his face, and he would give me a hard kiss on the mouth. I would hug them both and think – this is truly an historical day.

A woman has finally broken the glass sealing and has become the president of the United Stated of America. This will be a snowball effect and more women will be inspired to push beyond the limit. Take their lives in their own hands, stop worrying about expectations, make up their minds and just do it!

But apparently we weren’t ready…

I won’t even start to talk about the values and moral of Donald Trump. I don’t want to waste another minute disagreeing with him, it would take all my energy. Instead I have decided to change. This election has been a wake up call.

It is time to run faster, push harder and challenge my own fears. This is not just about empowering women, we need to challenge a world that is getting scared of the unknown instead of curious. We need to include not exclude, we need to listen to each other, be more humble and show more compassion than ever. Lets show Donald Trump that he is wrong!

I think we owe her that much…




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