Halloween, Christmas, New Year then… 2017!

This weekend we started a new tradition – carving pumpkins for Halloween. What a fun thing to do with the kids…well we (the parents) ended up carving most of the pumpkins, but it felt like a nice step towards winter and Christmas. On Wednesday is the pumpkin parade at Vittorio’s school and on Thursday it’s halloween party.


The year is soon coming to an end. For me November is a highway, speeding on the fifth gear towards December and then it’s the New Year. It made me think, have I achieved my goals for this year and if not, what is left to do?

This was the year when Gabi On 12th was my main focus. Registering the company, setting up production in SA, solving shipping and customs, developing a new webpage, working on a marketing strategy, sale targets, different channels. And I am happy to say that I can “tick” most of the boxes.

This wouldn’t have been possible with out you!


My friends and family have made this possible. Everything from helping me setting up production, sourcing material, developing my webpage to actually buying my bracelets. You constantly tell me you support my idea and that I should continue. I can not tell you enough how important this is for me and how grateful I am.


So therefor I want to give you some good news. I am hiring another lady to produce bracelets for me. Tshunxekani Mayila is starting this week, first a day of workshopping with my manager Mulayo and then working side by side with Azwi, Dineo and Theodora. I hope she will get up to speed quickly so we will be ready for spring/summer 2017.  You made this possible, thank you!

I hope you have a great start of the week and keep an eye out for the special Xmas offers and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter here


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