Gabi On 12th ♥ Star Wars

My older son is in love with Star Wars. He has a Darth Vader dress, a lightsaber and all his lego has to be Star Wars. Every evening he battles stormtroopers and Jabba the Hutt. He switches from the good side to the bad side and back again. He knows that Darth Vader used to be good and we have long discussions, in the car on our way to school, about what happened to him.

My younger son is often given the role of a stormtrooper, but he also play a very good emperor. I sometimes get the role of Princess Leia but the call her Lajla Nakenfjärt (naked butt) after the bikini scene in the sixth movie…

So this weeks inspiration is of course Star Wars!

Have fun

Have a great week!

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