Full speed production

Thanks to the amazing summer for Gabi On 12th, we are now ramping up production for the Autumn. Dineo, Azwi, Theodora and Mulayo are at this very moment producing buckles, spikes and cocktails. The colours will be darker such as; ox red, forrest green, brown and black but we also keep on producing pink, red, silver etc.

My big task for september/october is to find more material. It is slowly running out. Getting my material in Joburg is harder than I thought. Many suppliers are closing down and I have to find new ways.

It feels like I have to invent the wheel again. I finally have my production team, they know how to make the bracelets and now I have problem finding material. It is not always easy but I’m trying to see it as a possibility. Maybe this will force me to make a new design…

As for now I hope Mulayo’s trip to Joburg will be a success!



Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.56.01 PM


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