Who is Dineo?

When I started this project in January I had one goal. I wanted production to be in South Africa. Why?

I asked myself that question many times, it would have been easier to put it somewhere else. Living in the Rhine valley, surrounded by green hills and high mountains à la “Sound of Music”, Joburg feels very far away.

But Joburg is my home, one of them. My boys are born there and I have decided that this place should always feel like home. Keeping the connection with Joburg is one reason and the other one is, the women. Not just any women, the South African women.

Strong, warm, beautiful and the very backbone of the rainbow nation. Empowering these women, to provide for their families, pay for education, we also help build a better country for all.

It’s a small step I know, but just to be clear, this it is not charity.

I need Dineo, Theodora, Azwi and Mulayo for their skills and their hard work ethic. They are the founding pillars of my company together with my design.

I want to introduce one of my pillars Dineo. I really wish I could sit with these ladies at least once a week, make bracelets and talk about life. I think we would have a brilliant exchange. Dineo is also skilled working with silver. I was thinking maybe she and Azwi could teach me… as my son always says, “mom I got a good idea!”



AGE: 37
EDUCATION / SKILLS: Jewellery manufacturing
ROLE: Jewellery maker for Gabi On 12th

Dineo comes from Polokwane in Limpopo, South Africa. She has three sons, aged 17, 11 and 5 years old. Her dream is to be a part of a successful jewellery company that is known internationally. Gabi On 12th is very important to Dineo as this could help her create a better future for her children.

While growing up she wanted to be an accountant but could not pursue her studies due to lack of funding. Her favourite subject was Mathematics and she loves working with numbers. Dineo also dreams of going to Rio in Brazil and her favourite actress is Angelina Jolie!

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