Meet Mulayo


I found Mulayo through my husbands former colleague. After some emailing we decided to set up a Skype session. The internet was not super and I kept loosing the line. I babbled for a minute before realising she wasn’t there…several times.

Finally we had a proper discussion and I say as the Swedish king, it just clicked. Mulayo is smart, warm, funny and hard working. I always wondered how I would manage to have a production team in South Africa. The distance is so long and how will I able to instruct, resolve problems and just make the production run smoothly?

I knew the key was a good manager and believe I just found her – Meet Mulayo!



AGE: 28
EDUCATION / SKILLS: Media studies and Communication Science, Unisa
ROLE: Jewellery maker for Gabi On 12th

Mulayo comes from Polokwane, Limpopo. She discovered her love for jewellery-making whilst pursuing her degree in Communication Science at the University of South Africa in 2012. She then founded her own company named SereMhani Creations, that makes modern Afro-Centric accessories and body beads. Being part of Gabi On 12th is very exciting, and her dream is that it grows internationally. She will continue her work with SereMhani Creations, parallel with Gabi On 12th.

You find more information of my production team here.


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