It’s raining

Growing up in Fiskebäckskil during the summers, you know it can be quite wet. I’m sitting at the kitchen table, looking out the window. Everything is grey. The beautiful naked west coast rocks look hard and unfriendly. I know they can be soft and warm but with 15 degrees outside and rain, I know exactly how they feel.

I make my self a cup of Rooibos tea and discard a thought of trying to do photo shoots today. I need some more pictures of my bracelets, especially the new colours. But I want the warm, sunny and happy feel to it. Looking out makes me wonder why we shouldn’t just quit this place. Last summer was exactly the same.

I started to read a book yesterday called “something isn’t right”. The first pages she describes the feeling of being stressed. Just reading it I can feel the pressure over my chest. The obsession of speeding things up, like someone is standing next to you saying, come on, lets go, come on, quicker, come on, MOVE!

Since I started Gabi On 12th, I know this feeling. The first couple of months I felt like a Duracell bunny on speed. I opened the computer and started working on random things that poped up in my head. Everything felt like high priority. I had to pin myself down, take a deep breath and make a list of ToDo’s for the day, before I even touched the computer. I’m getting more and more effective, but I still have days when I need to close down and go for a walk. The reason is simple – this is my passion. I love doing what I do, I love going to work, I love my bracelets. I also know that I am alone. If I don’t do it…nobody else will.

Last night I opened a book and red twenty pages. I haven’t done that in months. I still have things I need to do urgently, problems I need to solve. But this is why I need to come here. Stress does not exist here.  Fiskebäckskil is healing even when it is wet and windy. I love this place.


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