Wow I am amazed!

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I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all the amazing women around me!

I can’t begin to express my gratitude for all your support. I’m getting orders from all over, old friends and new friends. Friends I haven’t talked to in years, take the time to send me a small message telling me that they believe in my idea. Women are a force of nature, if we start to believe in our selves and start helping each other, there is NOTHING we can’t do.

Let’s start making a difference, lets empower, boost and support the women around us!

I had amazing conversations today.

  1. An old friend is literally driving around Joburg to find material for me for my jewelry production. A hard working mom is taking time off to help me because she believes in my idea. I am humbled and extremely grateful. And a big thank you to two other ladies who spent time helping me in my search for more material…you know who you are!
  2. Another friend comes to me and tells me she wants to buy 20 bracelets for a good cause. Wow!
  3. Inspiring discussion with a woman who is a brilliant photographer and a creative genius – I think we have a solution for my website and a new braceletdesign
  4. I also had a chat with a women in SA – I think we have taken a step closer to get production up and running in SA! Once again I’m amazed how a complex problem can just disappear into thin air when find the right person/woman.

Gabi On 12th wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for these extremely intelligent, humble, strong and amazing WOMEN!

I think it is time for women to rule the world!  (I know my husband agrees with me)


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