2016 – Empower Women

21:53 and I should go to bed. Not because it is late but because I need sleep. I need it to get this stubborn cold to go away. I need it to be the best mom tomorrow morning when V is not happy with the choice of spoon for his cereal. I need it so I can avoid bribing Andrea with gummibears every time he says NO and shakes his little blond head. I need it so I can be effective and focused from 09:00 to 15:15.

I just feel I need to tell you something. I feel that something is missing in my communication. The whole idea with Gabi On 12th is missing. My idea is very clear but I’m not so good at communicating.

Gabi On 12th – More than just a pretty bracelets!

I want to empower Women. Wherever and whoever they are. I want to empower women who are born into poverty. I want to empower women who didn’t have the same luck as I had growing up in a well functioning country. I want to empower women who hesitate and who don’t believe in themselves. I want to empower women who lost their power.

Personal Goal 2016  – To help and support women in any way I can. My future bracelet maker in Johannesburg, my neighbour, my friend, my sister and my colleague. I really think it is time to show the world how amazing, strong and competent women are. It is time!

Gabi On 12th Goal 2016 – To help 5-10 women to start a company, teach them the skill to make bracelets and make them a part of Gabi On 12th. I also want to support women-led businesses and other social projects involving girls and women. 2016 is all about Women!

Where am I today? – I need to get production up and running ASAP. Priority is South Africa but also Africa in general. I have a couple of leads and if everything goes as planned I will travel to SA before summer for training and ordering a first batch. When I have the first batch I can start making serious marketing…and hopefully get everything rolling.

A small update that I should have shared months ago. The X-mas sale gave 300CHF that directly went to Fountain of Love in Johannesburg. THANK YOU!

Thank you for your support

Lets make sure that 2016 is all about empowering Women!



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