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So the the 2016 Autumn Winter Fashion shows are about to start. Soon social media will explode with beautiful pictures from various runways. The Stockholm (!) fashion week (three days) just ended and here are some of my favourites. Oh and NO, I was not on front row…I’m in Buchs – the Swiss fashion designers dream when it comes to new trends. We will come to that later.

Back to Stockholm.

My mother (who loves fashion) had a couple of BUSNEL items when I was young. When we (me and my sis) were teens we fought over the super tight pullover and the little vest. The Busnel jacket feels like Sweden to me. Very classic (nearly boring) but the quality is to die for. You can hand it down from grandmother to mother to daughter…

But these are everything but boring…

Busnel Cape

Busnel Coat

WFSS – Winter Fall Spring Summer

This is not the first time I’ve seen moroccan shoes. It seems to be a trend …maybe I shouldn’t have thrown my yellow ones away … no, that was the right decision.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.34.34 PM


Three sister that create magic.  I see a lot of different fabrics/mixes, I like it!  The skirts are gorgeous and the dress is oversize. I like the wide sleeves…oh and the shoes!



I want a black leather skirt…




Ida Klamborn

IDA SJÖSTEDT – just one word – WOW!

If my husband wants to marry me again I know what to wear.

Ida Sjostedt

Ida sjostedt

Ida SjostedtIda SjostedtIda Sjostedt

That is all for today!


Gabi On 12th


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