Day 1

Gabi on 12th has become Gabi in the Alps. On Tuesday we left our dear beloved Joburg and our friends for a new adventure.

I wish I could tell you what this new place is all about, but I still have no
clue…I know skiing is a big thing 😉

I give you three observations from yesterday.

1. People are very friendly! The girl who works in the restaurant really tried to give us instructions in English and all with a smile on her face. Then I asked for a decaf Cappuccino and got warm milk…I thought that was quite sweet and logic.

2. We walked from our house (where we don’t live yet) up to the local pizzeria. V was very fascinated of the snow and told me it was like ice lollies, he ran out on a muddy field to make hand prints in the snow. We all went with him to experience it together. We all stood in the middle of a muddy (super muddy) field looking at a small patch of white brown snow. I wonder what our neighbours were thinking.

3. Walking up to the local pizzeria, we past the barn (!), and said hello to the two small cows and the sheep.

Wish us good luck today!



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