To my sweet son Andrea

The evening before you were born, your father and I had dinner the “normal way”, sitting in our kitchen on uncomfortable high chairs, eating tuna salad (your dad) and pasta (me). I think we watched the first episode of Sopranos. Your dad’s gift to me, so I could have something to do while breastfeeding.

Your dad had taken a couple of days of and we were desperately trying to sleep train Vittorio before your arrival. Meaning:

  1. Not let him sleep in our bed
  2. Not let him sleep with me
  3. Sleep on his own in his own room ….alone

We (your dad) had managed step 1 and 2….but he still spent more or less the night in V’s bed waking up with stiff shoulders. I got some good night sleeps though.

At 09:00 am we (me and Vittorio) parked the car outside Bambananis for a playdate with Su and Lotti. I felt a little bit uncomfortable and the stomach was hard but nothing else. During the playdate I realise that I have contractions and I send an sms to my midwife Sue saying “I’m having contractions very small but still…Every 20 min ish. Not strong!

At around 11 we leave Bambananis and Su makes sure that I get all the way home. I sms Fabio and he promise to be home at 12.

I put Vittorio to bed and I lie down. Now I’m having contractions every 10 min for 1 min, took two Panados  and smsed my midwife and doula. Fabio came home at 12:00 and ran down to VovoTelo to buy some lunch. At 13:00 our outdoor furniture arrived and we managed to install them between my contractions. At 14:00 the contractions hadn’t changed much but I really didn’t want Vittorio to wake up and see us leave. So we decided to make a “run for it” between contractions.

In the car I smsed my midwife and doula again and said  – I’m on my way. Sue called me and explained that they were 45 min away and that Genesis would not let me in without my caretakers. I felt a bit stupid and also my contractions were starting to fade. Then my doula called and asked me if we couldn’t wait at home another hour. I didn’t want to turn around so I faked a contraction on the phone – wonder if anyone ever done that? Then I said that we could park at Genesis and walk around zoo lake while waiting for them.

Arriving at Genesis it felt like my contractions were gone. This made me quite nervous – I really didn’t want them to send me home again. So while waiting (in the playground at Genesis) I walked around rubbing my tummy and trying to make the contractions more active. When Sue and Rosalia came – I excused myself and said that they are probably going to send me home. They laughed and said – well lets see. We got the same room as the last time, so you and your brother are borne in the same room.  We were left alone at first, I told Fabio not to unpack anything as I really felt too confortable. I walked around rubbing my tummy and trying to get the contractions going. Eventually they came with the “equipment” to measure the contractions. And I told myself – I’ll be happy if I’m 2cm open. They checked – 6 cm. YEAY – we got to stay.

While they started to build the pool, Fabio laid down next to me and held my hand. So from 15:30 to around 16:45, we had a quite confortable time. I got stronger contractions but I focused to lie completely still and just breath through. Your dad massaged the palm of my hand, pushed every time I breathed out, it really helped. Sometimes he pushed too hard and it actually hurt more than the contraction. I thought that was quite funny. We had a really great time and laughed a lot saying “we have to do this again”. I managed to get runners high after every contraction so I was quite high. We also noticed that the air con went on and off. And in some miraculous way it always went on when I had a contraction. At 16:45, Sue came back to measure me. I was 8 cm open and everything was fine. Suddenly the water broke, you jiggled you head. The last words I remember was Sue saying now it is going to go a bit faster. Yep ….

17:05 and I saw your beautiful face for the first time.

My dear Andrea, you rock the world! You are the coolest most relaxed child I have ever met. This first year has been a though one, because of your older brother, you have been sick a lot, even admitted to hospital and having grommets at 8 months.

I see your personality so clearly and I know we are in for a tough but fun ride. You are probably even more stubborn than you brother and and that smile just gets you away with everything.

Happy birthday sweet sweet sweet Andrea!


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2 thoughts on “To my sweet son Andrea

  1. Jag fällde en tår när jag läste detta says:

    Vad rörd jag blev när jag läste detta, så fint. En tår trillade ner längst kinden. Stor Kram

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