Welcome to Dubai!

Welcome to Dubai! Well F fits right in (except the red colour), I walked right passed him at the airport. The heat embraced me the second I stepped outside the arrival hall. It felt like a big bear hug; strong, soft, heavy, safe. Then the smell of heat. Yes, I think there is a particular smell that comes with heat. It woke up my childhood memories from Egypt. But the smell is not dirt and dust it is not spices and traffic. The smell here is clean. Well so far, I hope to smell some real Dubai today.

I can’t begin to explain the weird feeling, I’m not pulling, pushing, carrying, dragging, begging, shouting, checking, asking, comforting. It is just me and my husband. Just my handbag and it is not filled to the top with pure, wet wipes, toys, diapers, bottles, extra change etc. It is just me in my bag, it is half empty and feels sophisticated. I chose my favourite bag I got for my 30th birthday. My beautiful leather bag that I put away as soon as V was borne. No puke was accidentally going to stain it. Now it was time to let it breath!

Woke up after a 6h undisturbed sleep, felt like a princess, is this home normal people (not toddler parents) feel? We went down for the breakfast buffe, my first thought when I saw the fruit was to ask for some green apples that I could have as extra snack in my handbag…once a mom always a mom.

Now time to enjoy my breakfast and my husband. This is pure luxury!


One thought on “Welcome to Dubai!

  1. Nat says:

    Your handbag is having the time of it’s life – now if only it could have been big enough to hide me in it. xxx

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