Wakie pakie


Going to bed at 01:00 is not ok, not if you have a 8 month old who is teething. He woke up every hour, eventuely I gave up and took him to bed with me, on me. And when you are so tired that you just want to scream, when the world spins and you don’t know night from day….well he looks up and gives you a smile. Red cheeks, drooling and super happy that he finally got his way.

At 5:30 V comes him with his big yellow car, that can play 10 different extremely loud songs. Everything from marching music to lullabies. But as the car is “screaming” they all sound the same. He says “tända lampan” and before I can stop him he reaches for my bedside lamp. Then he puts the big yellow car in the bed next to Andrea and says – saring is kaing (sharing is caring) – yepp that is so true. Andrea give out a loud happy noise and starts to chew on one wheel.

Vittorio goes to fetch more toys, the elephant and the crocodile strait from the bath so they are still filled with water – yeay pool party in bed. Some of my friend tell me to ignore V when he wakes up at 5:30 – well I would if I could.




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