Going from 12th to 10th

So I’m not Gabi on 12th anymore…I’m Gabi on 10th and eventually Gabi on 14th.

Moving is exhausting, packing up 2,5 years, two kids, two dogs and yourself. The hard thing is not the big sofa or he TV, the hard thing is the drawer in the kitchen filled with thing that are “good to have”. Pieces of paper, foreign money, old pair of glasses, plasters, pens. Everything needs to be sorted and thrown or put away. When it is done it feels like you are reborn. Life is easy again, no more un necessary stuff lying around. Your freeeee!

So we have stored everything (more or less) and taken our little family to a temporary house on 10th. Beautiful house lent to us by amazing friends. Then after my Swedish vacation (hopefully) we are moving in to another beautiful house owned by amazing friends. This time I hope we can relax for a while, enough to have a kitchen drawer filled with “good to have stuff”.



One thought on “Going from 12th to 10th

  1. Harriet says:

    Every move is hard especially with kids and dogs! Hope that you are feeling great in the new place! Thank you for sharing your moving experience! Greets, London Removals Ltd.

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