Bad mood

Thx Su for the awesome pants – love them!!!

Standing in a very cold kitchen. Trying to get some heat from the gas stove. Winter is coming, winter is here. Normally I love kitchens, but this one is catastrophic…there is no way you can get it warm.

Both kids are sleeping (at the moment) I should enjoy this but if don’t. I just want to go to bed and let this day be past. I have talked to so many people affected by this new immigration law. Friends (expats) that have had to cancel trips to see their family. Trips planed since months. Weddings, birthdays.

These trips to go home just for a couple of weeks …well they are essential for us. We need it to charge the batteries and also to fall In love with SA all over again (when we come back).
July was the light in the tunnel and now it is just black. It is truly unfair!


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