Im still alive…

Between power cuts, organizing a full scale move/storage, planning vacation and my youngest son having grommets …well my time has not been enough. I have had no time or energy to write. I’m also going solo for 1,5 weeks and putting two kids to bed on your own is not an easy task especially when V has decided that everything I say or do is wrong and should be answered with a big NO.

One of my postes (that I didn’t finish) was – It you think you had a bad night, read this. Well the last two nights have been ok, but the night of the power cut – joke. Not only did both kids wake up at 3:47. Andrea managed to vomit all over me and Vittorio poured his water all over his bed. Add, total darkness and ice cold rooms/beds – laugh or cry?

But i have something to look forward to – next week I’m running away with the love of my life …I cant wait!


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