This is life

My dear grandmother passed away this morning. She was 91 years old, which is an achievement in itself. Ingegerd was my “last” grandparent alive. She was also the one who, during my childhood and adulthood, was the most present. She has always been there and therefor it feels very strange and empty. Being far away makes it even worse. I should have called more, I should have told her that she was important to me, I should have…


Today is an amazing day in Joburg, There is not a cloud in the sky, it is crisp and blue. It is an amazing day to say goodbye to this earth life and go on.  Fly over the rooftops, scare some pigeons, spin around the church tower. Go where you always wanted to go, in a second, in a blink of an eye. I think she was with me today. She looked after Max when we were walking in Emmarentia, she gave Andrea the toy he suddenly managed to reach. I heard Vittorio talking outside and I’m quite sure he was not alone.


When she is done she is going give a last wave goodbye and join my granddad in heaven. They are going to have a blast.


Ingegerd today I saw you

in the yellow autumn leaves and in the pouring water

in Andrea’s smile and Svea’s wagging the tail

in the cold breeze and the gentle touch of the sun

Grandma today I felt you

when I looked up into the sky and held Vittorio’s little hand in mine

when I held Andrea close while he was sleeping

when I laughed together with Fabio and felt happiness

Lallo today I missed you

because you had to go



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