Sleep result?

Finally my husband and I can track – who had the toughest night.

Every morning we have a quick talk, I woke up then, I fed V/A, I did this and that. We just update each other about the night …but in truth we compete. Who is the most tired, who deserves a brake during the day. Well now we have it on black and white – how many hours of effective sleep did we get?

As I’m still feeding Andrea and I go up at 5:30 with V I am positive – I’m the super parent. Looking at my result, well it I’m a super parent all right – 6,24h of effective sleep! I sleep like a rock.

The one minute brake in the middle of the night is Andrea – I would say he is a super baby (1min fed).

So now I’m waiting for F to wake up so we can compete …eh I mean compare results.


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