Next project

When I go to bed in the evening my head sometimes start spinning. Not physically …no it spins with new ideas and solutions.

Last year was websites. I loved it – create and instantly see the result. Trial and error. Find a good solution. Think it through before you start, just like an excel model. It’s like a puzzle. How do I get the text to look like this, the picture should not be in the right corner but the left. Self taught and definitely not the easy way. One of websites I did was

This year it jewellery (or bracelets). At least during Andrea’s baby phase. I need to work with my hands, create something I can touch and feel. When I think I have done my last bracelet – I get a new idea. 95% just before bedtime and 5% in the shower.

This was the first idea I had – the Crazy Cats.

Now I’m combining web design
and jewellery design …my next project. I’ll let you know when it is ready.


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