The butterflies in my stomach wouldn’t settle – tomorrow first day of school. That tingling tense feeling of nervousness and anticipation. What should I wear, what should I pack? Is everything in order? Some familiar faces but most of them are new.
These were my thought on Sunday evening. Except It wasn’t me going to a new school, it was my son. Still I was quite happy that I got to experience that special feeling again – new school, new books, new friends. Made me realise that I must have liked school a lot.

Today I felt the butterflies again. I had prepared everything. Shorts, sports bra, t-shirt, socks, racket…and the most important my shoes. When I dusted them of and put them on, I felt that tingling feeling, anticipation, longing and nerves all in one. I was going back onto the court after 9 months. Slow and awkward…but loving it.


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