Small changes

20140126-193949.jpg Small changes – makes a big difference. My new routine is to go to the dogpark between 07:00 and 07:30 every morning. This makes me a better wife, mother, friend and dog owner. 30 min to myself every morning, getting away from the chaos and sort my thoughts. You know all those thing you think about and you decide – I don’t have the time to think about that right now. Well I now have a time slot for them and it’s just brilliant.

I started to do a 30 min dog walk around the block, but pulling a pram and trying to manage two dogs that doesn’t want to walk in your pace – lets just say, it made me a bad wife, mother, friend and dog owner.

One day on my struggle around the block in my “exercise tempo” …I asked myself – I’m not enjoying this, who am I doing this for? Well the dogs …hm. For me…hm. Well none of us were enjoying it.

Next day, instead if trying to exercise, I turned the pram towards the park and walked without a mission. What a difference – the knot in my chest disappeared and the dogs trotted happily next to the pram.

I’m stunned that such small change
(of mindset) made such a big difference. Everything does not have to have a mission. I was so focused of doing good, taking my dogs for a morning walk, get exercise, and walk Andrea, that I completely missed the point.



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