Back to normal

First week – back to normal. Mom and dad left on Tuesday and V started playschool on Wednesday. My phone broke down (hence the silence) and the rest of the week just rushed by like a speed train. Managed to do half of what I planed.
So finally Saturday – soccer for V and guessing a hot afternoon by the pool. To night – party. I wish I had a little bit more sleep in my body – but I’m young
and energetic right? Hm…

So how is life going. Well V is still jumping around like a rabbit on speed, saying the coolest stuff and making me laugh until it hurts. Yday we watched a movie (me and F), it was way past Vs bedtime but we let stay up reading his dinosaur book. We ended up watching V instead of the movie – he was talking and making the funniest noises.

Andrea just eats, sleeps and smiles. He screamed a bit today and it made me realise how lucky I have been …and how panicky you get when you don’t know what’s wrong.



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