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On sunday we went to Madiba’s house in Houghton, to put down flowers and show our condolences. Flowers …I meant Dinosaur, Vittorio’s choice. It was nice to be there but it felt a bit like being a tourist. I didn’t feel emotional and I had difficulties sorting my thoughts and being present.

It felt like “check”-  been there done that. No, the emotions and the tears come when I least expect it. Often when I drive and listen to radio. When I hear him speak or when the radio voice says – Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 1918 to 2013. Then it hits me that he is actually dead. The greatest leader of our time is no longer with us.

I think for every expat living in South Africa, Madiba has shown us what South Africa is all about, the magic of the country and it’s people. Many of our friends back home don’t understand how we can live here, the crime, the poverty and cruel history. If you choose to live here, you choose to believe. You choose to believe in South Africa and a bright future. That there is hope.

I can sincerely say that I love this country. We have lived here nearly three years, both my sons are borne here. The most magical about this country is it’s people, the happiness and the smiles that greet you everyday. I have changed a lot since I moved here  – this is home.

But home has lost it’s Tata and we will miss him beyond words.



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