What a BIG day! Suddenly he just does it. He climbs on to the toilet and makes a wee. What an amazing feeling. I’m jumping around shouting – Well done! Well done! He looks at me like I’m an alien. He jumps down, pulls the flush handle then claps his hands – now he agrees with me and says well done.

Many parents talk about the terrible two and yes, it is exhausting BUT SO MUCH FUN. New stuff every day, it’s amazing.
Yesterday he held up a piece of bread and said. Mmm bread, I like that. FOUR WORDS!!!! Today he pointed at the figure on A’s T-shirt and said – Penguin, I like that.

I know this is only fun for me, limit other parents. I is just so cool to see how your little baby suddenly becomes a small boy.

Terrible and amazing two!!


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