My princes

Being a parent is exhausting, amazing, tough, incredible – you go from total frustration to overwhelming joy.
With Vittorio it has been a couple of weeks of pure joy. He is just the sweetest kid. Singing, talking, discussing, arguing (with the dogs mostly). He even treats Andrea pretty good, no drama just some hitting and pinching mostly to see the reaction and not because he is jealous.

He embraces his role as a big brother, and I think he is actually quite happy to have someone else in the family.

Having A in the family also gives you perspective. V is so grown up and can do so much. I love listen to him singing or talking on his own. See how he walks into his room grabs a book and starts to “read”. I feel that having Andrea has made me fall in love all over again with Vittorio. I feel so blessed having two beautiful little boys. See them grow up and develop into young men. What will they become?



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