Heavy day…

Went to bed at 20:00 with an aching body and a head ache. I some how managed to put V to bed while A was sleeping. Always a puzzle.

Woke up at 3:30, A was clearly uncomfortable and did weird sounds. After and hour of massage and trying to find a comfy position for him (and for me) I finally went to sleep. Only to sleep for 30 min …V woke up at 5 yeay!!!

I gave him some milk and prayed to God he would go back to sleep. But no – he wanted to play …with the baby…of course. This means hit him on the head when I’m not paying attention.

At 6:00 I had it and told V that he had to go to his room. He got so upset that he cried for 5 minutes then coughed for another 5 minutes and the grand finale was puking up all the milk on me….

The only bright moment this morning is that Vs BFF is back THANK GOD!




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