Small step…

My little crab is growing. It is cool how the second child just tags along. He is just eating and sleeping. So easy (at the moment). Can’t remember why I thought it was so tough. But the change from going to 0 to 1 child is so much bigger than from 1 to 2.

At the moment we are sleep training V. We have arrived at Step 3. Sleeping on his own in his room. Easier said than done.

Step 1: Sleep in his own room (but with company if needed).
Step 2: The company is dad not mom. Step 3: Sleep on his own in his bed.

He goes to bed perfectly but he always wakes up at around 01:30 wanting company. So last night I went back and forth to comfort him but not staying in his room. He was so sweet, pointed at his bed told me to get in and Good Night. At 2:30 he accepted that I left and he slept all the way to 05:30. Small step forward. Andrea was chilling in my bed…

My beautiful boys!!!


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