Good and bad…

Can it be more enoying. Feeling great when I wake up. Trying not to check the mirror as it tells me the contrary.
I get up, Andrea sleeps in his bed. V needs my attention telling me about his crocodile. Finally F takes V to playschool and I put A in the sun to get some healthy vitamins (3 min each side morning and evening :). After that a big breakfast – but it is too late – the headache and fatigue is already there. I crash and sleep for 2-3h non stop. I pause for lunch at 13:00 and then I’m down again. It feels like my head is not attached to my body. I want my blood values to get better NOW!

The only great thing about it is that I can lie for hours and just smell our new precious boy! I look at him, listen and smell. Wow – I forgot how amazing it is to have a baby. He is exceptionally kind which also helps 🙂




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