Coffee outside

As V always says – go outside, yes. Well today we did. Just for a quick coffee / lunch.

A slept 3h strait, then I woke him up for his feed. I feel so much better today, no headache yeay!!! Added some bronzing cream to give myself some slack.

Hanging by the pool, think I’m going to dig up that old gina ford book to see what my routines were last time. Just good to have an idea, A and myself will set the final routines.



One thought on “Coffee outside

  1. Nat says:

    Gabi, congratulations on a beautiful baby boy… where we are this week in KZN is very slow internet so I can’t download all the images of him, but I got a glimpse.
    Sorry to hear about the blood loss… you’ll have to tell me more when we see each other again. But well done and lots of love to you all as you bond together… special days!!
    Nat, David and Duncan

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