Happy Birthday to you!

36 weeks

Snap shot of today’s outfit – I’m bigger than it looks. Good angle =). I’m guessing a good 83kg at least.

So V was sitting in the bathtub yesterday singing. I listened with one ear and tried to finish Dan Browns book, Inferno, on my kindle. It was not itsy bitsy spider, not twinkle twinkle….no – it was Happy birth day to you..

When the month of august was approaching, I had a chat with my husband. Lets not over do it this time. Lets have one small birthday party for V – invite some nice friends for lunch and that’s it! We were on the same page. 

My birthday came and went quite easily – no dinner or party, just a very nice lunch with my girlfriends. Exactly how I wanted it to be.

V – well the carousel started the 29th of august. The first celebration was the smallest – in bed, some balloons (or banoons as V’s call the) singing and two presents. The second one was at play school. Also quite easy – I brought cup cakes and balloons to all the kids.

The third celebration was with all the nannys in the park – gosh that was hectic; 10 nannys + 12 kids in our back garden. The entire friday went to prepare that party. This was the BIG event for Buzani and I did some major faults. I bought pizza with bacon (!) and forgot the Fanta. I poped x buckets of popcorn – as the day was quite windy – everything ended up on our lawn. Max and Svea – snatched cup cakes from the kids and ate them whole (paper and everything) – resulting in not so happy dogs. Lesson learnt for next time.

Forth celebration – Mainly music – the easiest – I didn’t have to do anything but try to keep my son inside the church, clean and happy.

Fifth celebration. So this was supposed to be the chilled lunch with a couple of friends. But as we can’t stop inviting people – the results was: 30 adults and 25 kids. We rented the Italian Club and crossed our fingers. Well it was a blast! The sun was shining, the kids were happy and the food was great. Fabio’s flight was not late, and he arrived 10 min before me to help prepare the deco. It was an awesome day!

So no wonder our little son has got one particular song in his head..But for now the circus is closed until next year. Then we have three birthdays to celebrate…

(pics from the party is coming….)


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