The best gift!

The brain chose to forget pain and focus on the good feelings. This day is getting fussier and fussier in my mind. No pain just a beautiful healthy baby boy wrapped in white.

We waited and waited…every morning I woke up and was a bit disappointed. Why isn’t he coming? The midwife told me he would be early, already from week 38. So when the due date came and went…well I was more than frustrated.

When the contractions finally came around 07:00 the 29 of august. I was so scared that it would be fake I didn’t want to move or take any medicine. I nearly forgot to go to hospital.

When I was lying on the bathroom floor on all four with 90 sec contractions and 2-3 min apart. Fabio told me it was probably time to go. But just to be sure, I sent an sms to my midwife who immediately phoned me and asked why the h*** I was still at home.

So F packed his bag and I grabbed the nearest clothes and tried to put them on between the contractions. I didn’t even have a chance to get my nice comfy clothes I had put in the baby room. Noop, I took the clothes that was on the floor in F’s wardrobe  (the closest)…his training clothes. So I arrived at Genesis wearing white soccer shorts and an old All Italia T-shirt …matching with green flip flops.

Two years have passed. Being a mom is everything I thought it would be and much more. Tough moments when you doubt yourself and you wonder why don’t they teach you this in school. Like a topic – being a parent. Probably because there are no right answers and the only thing you can rely on is your “feeling”. Books can give you an idea and point you in the right direction when you are feeling lost…but thats it. You are on your own.

Vittorio – you make my heart overflow with love every day.

  • When you sit in the bathtub and blinks at me with your long eyelashes and throws a jug of water on the floor. 
  • When you sleep in my bed and put you badly cut toe nails in my stomach
  • When you sit up in the morning and the first thing you say is – Svea come!
  • When you take a stick and play war (yes already) with the dogs
  • When you look at me and pause for a minute, give me a hug and say – tack
  • When you see an elephant and screams for 2 minutes – FANT FANT!
  • When you take my hand and pull me towards the door in the morning saying – Amy play school
  • When you jump like a maniac (naked) in our bed before bedtime
  • When you say bye bye when you go to bed
  • When your fever is high and you just want to be near me
  • When you take you bike and ride it all over the house, crashing in to all furniture

I can go on forever…

Now we are expecting another little boy and he will arrive in 4-6 weeks. V is going to be a big brother, and I have the feeling that he is going to love it. Well he will be jealous thats for sure but he will be a proud brother.

Happy birthday my angel! You are truly a gift!










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