Blessed with rain..

V have started to sleep quite badly. He wakes up every second hour and wants to come to our bed. We normally put him back in his own cot (which he climbes out of). But when he knocks on our door at 02:00 – We have no energy left, to put him back. So he sleeps the rest of the night in our bed, kicking and turning…probably not so smart as we are getting an addition in 9 weeks.

The good thing about this – V has started to sleep until 07:00 (badly but still). When he wakes up it is the normal weekend routine. Bfast, shower and dog walk. As F is playing golf this morning (…) the morning duty is mine.

So when I heard the first raindrops…I knew, this will be a lazy morning watching Ratatouille in bed. The dogs won’t take a step outside in this weather.

So rain?! – is spring coming? Probably not, but it is quite surprising to have rain now. Lets hope this means that we won’t get snow end August (as we got last year)


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