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I don’t seem to get the time to do a proper blogpost…

From 7 in the morning until 8 in the evening I’m on my feet and no time for blogging. I had totally forgotten this. Five weeks of vacation in Sweden and I thought I had all the time in the world to blog when I got back.

So I’m trying a new thing. Blogging when V is bathing. This works quite well as he loves to bath and can play for 30 min on his own in the bath. Nop, I’m not leaving him alone. I sit next to him working – he seems to be fine with that.

I wanted to write a post about 86 Public – the pizza place we went to friday eve in Braamfontein. For non – joburgers, it is an area close to Down Town that is quite cool. New shops and restaurants are popping up. Juta Street is where everything happens …at the moment.

86 Public, is actually on…yepp 87 Juta Street. Well I must say I felt a bit edgy, driving Down Town after dark…God I’m getting old!

Sow how was the resto…it was OK. I had an Italian Pizza expert with me (my husband) and he was quite critical. They get a A+ for only serving Pizzas, and the option of two different sizes is great! The second side of the menu, was apparently a no no (for an Italian) – but I took nr 18 with both avocado, salami and feta and loved it. If you want a lot of topping – just ask for it – they don’t overload. And – good to know – they have no alcohol…yet.  

I would say – it is a perfect place for a night snack before or after a late night at the club. I really like the design; open, high chairs and the dark blue/charcoal colours on the walls. It’s also nice to see the Pizza oven from the resto.

I give it 7/10…and if I lived in the area – I would be a frequent customer.




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