32 weeks


So I’m starting to understand that I am pregnant. If I would forget it …well I just have to look down and wonder where my feet are.

So how does it feel. Week 32 only 8 to go. I feel like a hippo. No that is probably not fair to the hippos. I feel HUGE. Everything about my body had doubled or trippled in mass (feels that way). When I undress…I keep on wondering – who is that girl?

Where has the space between my bellybutton and breasts gone? What has happened with my thighs – is that orange skin? Why has my shoulders and back suddenly taken the shape of a wrestler. It is quite shocking to see your body undergo this extreme change. When I look at old pictures …I can’t find that girl.

I know I will lose it all but it still feels …well strange. My personality hasn’t changed …but everything else. Everyone says – you will miss the preggibelly. This time – Noop, not a chance. I’m dreaming of my old jeans and normal underwear. This hippo is done.

So am I prepared for labour – Noop, not at all. Gosh I try to put all the thoughts of going into labour locked away. I just can’t imagine going through that pain again. Last time I had no clue, and I was curious…this time I know. Yes I had a short labour (5h) but still it is not fun!

Yea, I know – picture the newborn baby and just let go…HAHA that fluff does not work for me. I know I will turn on combat mood – I will go under, focus 100% of getting the baby out and tune everything else out. Breathing techniques, nice yoga music and picturing your pain fly away like a red balloon, does not work for me – I know that much.




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