Thoughts and looking back

I just read one of my favourite Swedish blogs. Todays post is very thoughtful. Unfortunately it’s in Swedish. It is all about how having children makes your life more structured and that you do not have time to think about stuff that isn’t important. How it made her heal and feel happy with herself.

Well having children is AMAZING. Yes it is tough and life changing and everything…but it forces you to structure your life. When a day has passed you never feel…what a waste of a day, I haven’t done anything. Having children makes you embrace every second of sun light, make you aware of every minute that passes. It teaches you how life can be extremely tough and the next minute full of love and happiness.

I don’t think having children “healed” me, but it made me enjoy the small things…it made me see them and cherish them. It made me humble.

I found my first blog post (13 sept 2010). I have blogged for nearly 3 years…wow.

It is so nice to go back and read. I struggled with the decision to move to SA and leaving my secure life (job, friends and family). It was very tough to leave…but I have never regretted the decision.


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