The dreams have started…

I dreamt about my gym card this night. The rules to get the cheap card is to go a certain amount of times a month. In my dream I had to go 92 times in a month.

I had a huge discussion with the manager and demanded an explanation. I was so upset, didn’t they understand how unrealistic it was!!!??? The only answer I got was – then don’t sign up for the cheap card.

They had some ways to decrease the amount 1. If you called while being in labour. 2. Calling during a thunderstorm and you can hear the cracking on the line. 3. Abroad – but then you have to call every day and tell them that you were still abroad.

Woke up at 4:30 angry and frustrated. Still trying to solve the problem.

Today (this morning) I’m going to spoil myself – mani/pedi at 9:30 and before that a bfast at moemas. The bfast wasn’t planned but I just realised that I forgot to eat this morning.





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