I'm complaining



When my son comes in to our bedroom at 05:30 and starts to wrestle with me (after 5 min of cuddling) …I can’t help but thinking – how the hell will this work when we have a new baby. I know it will work…but I just can’t think of a good solution. The only thing that could work is if V sleeps longer…

I know I’m not inventing the wheel and that everything is going to be just fine. But in the back of my head a small voice is saying …deal with it now, you won’t have the energy later. Well my son is now climbing out of his cot…so letting him cry does not work. Maybe I should keep him up for longer in the evening…I just don’t want to mess with the only thing that actually works (his sleeping routines).

One of my solutions is to get a big bed for V and then one parent can sleep in his room (while he plays with his toys…hopefully). I just know how much my body will hurt after labour and then the breast feeding….Daaa…not looking forward to that.

Sorry for complaining …but V woke me up at 4:20 this morning and insisted on spending the next 2 hours in our bed kicking and hitting me. Well 4,5 more months to go…

Looking forward to this like I’m looking forward to the 12h flight to sweden in three weeks…

(told you …complaining!)


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