I'am very proud to present…

So this is what I have been working on for the last couple of days. I’am very proud to present Ikageng’s new website.




Read about my experiences with Ikageng on my old blog (in Swedish).

What is Ikageng?

Ikageng is a community  based organisation that cares for orphaned and vulnerable children around the area of Soweto

Ikageng provides pyscho social support and counsel to its beneficiaries through the delivery of social programs such as Education, Health and nutrition

Ikageng wants to improve the quality of life for children and focus on creating a safe environment where Ubuntu (Social Cohesion) is the most highly regarded value


Soweto often gets described as a “dangerous place” in international press – but it is also a community that grows leaders, entrepreneurs and role models for the rest of the country. Ma Carol – a remarkable woman – works day and night to provide support to vulnerable children, often orphans or without families due to HIV/AIDS. She and her staff give 800 children safety, nutrition, an education, and the confidence to grow and make South Africa a better place for all. Without Ma Carol and Ikageng, Soweto would be a less brilliant place. 

We have made it very easy for you to donate (of course). You just push the “Donate now!” button and make a donation with your VISA card. Every penny counts!!!!!

Have a great day!



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