Change of roles


This picture was taken 05:00 in the morning, two days ago. I felt I had become the worst mom ever, cutting corners, giving extra night feeds, letting V in to our bed…With 4-5h of sleep per night for a week – my brain just stopped to function.

So two days ago I decided make some big changes – no night bottles, no mom&dads bed and no iPad. I went to bed at 20:00 to be sure to cope. Well V responded very well…I didn’t.

Last night I woke up at 01:23 and stayed wide awake until 03:30. Had I been sleeping too much (is that possible??). The result is that I’m dead tired now. I’m becoming the text book example of the child that doesn’t sleep… Awake during the night and sleeping during the day.

My turn to be sleep trained…


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