When you need it…

My day did not go as plan. After a tough night, V woke up at 03:00 and did not go back to sleep. Not only was he wide awake – he wanted me to be aswell. He kicked me in the face, hit me, scratched me…he was a real angel. At 07:00 I checked his bum and think I found the reason – bad bad bad nappy rash (sorry for the mommy talk)

So The doctor was the first stop of the day and after that it has been non stop. V happily slept from 09:00-12:00 but I had meetings so I couldnt…sucker.

But the day went well in general and I even got spoiled by a very dear friend, who always knows what I need (even when I dont). Country Road – luxury!!!


Then I got spoiled by another friend, cooking dinner for me and V. I seriously wonder what I would do without these girls?!


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